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Theaters in Addison TX

Dec 17


Theaters in addison tx offer security camera installations and access control services for residential and commercial customers in Dallas, Frisco and Plano. Multifamily properties can also be provided with access control and installation services.


Many projects have been completed using our proven process. Every client receives reliable, simple-to-use solutions.


We are proud to be known in Dallas and DFW. 7PiXL is known for its excellent customer service.

7PiXL Security company has committed to protecting clients with the knowledge and experience we have.
We offer our service to all industries, including commercial and residential.
This list highlights the top security systems. We provide security camera services.
Maintenance, installation, keycard access, gate control. Magnetic strip
Readers and structured cabling. Designing and building an access control office in DFW.

We are committed to each client's safety and have created a customized security system

Tech-savvy technicians stay up to date with security updates.