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Jan 4

As children, we learned that if your eyelashes fall, you can simply kiss them and make a wish. My childhood memories revolved around getting good grades, eating my dad's lasagna, and having new plates for my Spirograph. As you get older, your lashes will fall from grace. A new lash curler might be needed, along with expert advice on how to use it.

"In my experience, the number one reason lashes fall is not necessarily the curler, but the incorrect use of it," says Spencer Barnes. He's a makeup artist who has worked with stars such as Amber Heard, Julianne Hough, and Heather Graham. You need the right tools and approaches to maintain healthy lashes.

These are Barnes' rules for curling with minimal damage (for more information, see James Vincent's advice).

1 - Check the pads The tool can damage or crimp your lashes if it doesn't have them. Replace worn-out or damaged pads immediately they become creased. Look for lash curlers with colored or white pads. A black pad may look sleek and conceal buildup, but it can make it difficult to see the actual position of your lashes inside the curler.

2 - Keep it clean. Remove any mascara or lash glue residue. You'll achieve a more precise curl if you use a clean tool.

Condition your lashes regularly. Condition your lashes before curling.

4 - Curl first. Apply mascara or falsies before curling your lashes. Make sure to clean the curler after applying it. Barnes explains that this will prevent your mascara from sticking and clumping, which can cause weaker lashes to be pulled out by the root.

5 - Position the tool correctly. "Ensure that the entire upper eyelashes are evenly distributed within the curler and placed over the rubbery or spongy pad," says Barnes. This pad was created to protect your lashes from breaking.

6 - Remove mascara and all eye makeup carefully at the end of each day. Barnes warns that if you have to scrub your eyes to remove the product you could be accidentally pulling out lashes. You can condition your lashes by using a cotton pad, swab, or dip in remover.

Barnes says that if you notice missing, damaged, or broken lashes it is normal for them to grow back. He says that there are great products such as Revitalash and Latisse that can help with the process and increase the length of your natural eyelashes. Many people experience a slight decrease in the thickness over time, and that some women might have unusually long lashes. These products work when used according to instructions. However, it is a good idea that you consult your doctor or dermatologist before using them. We still don't know about the long-term effects.

Barnes suggests lash extensions as another option, but Barnes warns that you should be cautious about who does them. "Select an experienced practitioner and follow their instructions for aftercare." Don't pull your hair out when they are worn down. Barnes says that you'll just pull out your hair and bring you back to square 1. To be safe, Barnes suggests another visit to your professional for hair removal.

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